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Welcome to Hoellein Controls Inc., your partner for Siemens based Controls Solutions


Hoellein Controls offers a variety of services based on your needs. From troubleshooting to small improvements to complete controls systems software, HCI can help you increase the productivity and reliability of your production equipment. We will listen to you concerns and analyze the equipment. HCI can offer a quick fix or a complete solution. We can take care of the controls software and can recommend hardware of the control system. HCI can consult throughout the complete project. The complete solution can include recommendations for mechanical changes, training for operators and maintenance personnel, custom manuals, improvements for easier operation and easier troubleshooting, recommendation for optimized maintenance and spare part stocks, tools for troubleshooting, data acquisition, backups and 24/7 support.

Let us analyze your equipment and issues and we will present the findings. We will work together to come up with a solution. Your knowledge and experience of your process and needs, together with our controls knowledge will be the basis for a concept on how to fix the problem. Based on this concept, you will be presented with several options. A typical solution contains not only changes to the PLC software but also recommendations for the controls system hardware , for mechanical changes, improvements to the maintenance schedule and recommended practices, spare parts stock recommendations, improved operation of the line and training.

Do you want that your electrician can troubleshoot the problem easier and faster than before? We can set up a PC with the Siemens Software and Licenses for you and train your employees.

Are you receiving a new machine from Europe? Let us support the installation and startup. We can provide experience and manpower to the start up, and do the integration to the existing production line.

Are you developing your own machines or build machines. If a Siemens PLC is required, we can do the software or the complete control system for you.

Are you doing your own controls projects in house? We can help you navigate the Siemens Controls world, help you choose the right parts and get you started.

If you have a problem that needs a controls solution, ask us.


HCI offers controls software development, support during startup or upgrades, improvements and troubleshooting. HCI offers consulting and training. HCI does not offer hardware or installation.